Should you be keeping up with the best credit card deals?

The following is a guest post. keeping up with best credit card deals is a chore

It might seem like a major chore to some of us, but there are people out there who spend a lot of time making sure they are aware of the best financial offers out there as they happen – especially when it comes to comparing credit card deals.

But is it worth it? Are there significant enough savings to be made on credit cards to make the extra effort to check in with these sites in a bid to ensure we have the best plastic in our pocket? Well, some would suggest it is. And here’s why:

Promotions come and go

We all have very different financial needs and in an ideal world our financial products will reflect and address these needs. Whether you are saving for retirement, getting your finances in order, tackling debt or putting money aside for a deposit on a home, yours will be a different need – so doesn’t it make sense to keep track of the offers that are coming out to see if there is better credit card out there for you? As many of these promotions come and go, its best to keep an eye out to make sure you don’t miss them.

There are real exclusives to enjoy

While certain websites will offer you promotional deals that are very much out in the public domain, there are some that will feature deals that have been exclusively set up for them. This may relate to the introductory period on a zero per cent balance transfer credit card or it may be to do with how the card provides certain rewards. For example, there are credit cards available that are branded with certain football and rugby clubs that provide access to special merchandise, competitions and offers that aren’t available elsewhere – so it can be worth investigating what these are.

There are extra rewards options out there

If you have a rewards-based credit card in your wallet or handbag already, you’ll know that you can be rewarded for spending. Many credit cards allow you to earn points or discounts which can then be redeemed for goods and services, but are you getting one that’s right for you? You could be earning rewards points that you’ll never use when another card might give you high-street vouchers and much, much more that will actually come in handy.

You don’t have to be online every day to keep on top of the latest credit card offers and there are many sites that provide advice and newsletters on the subject. So maybe it’s about time you did some searching about to see if there is a plastic solution that is better suited to you.

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