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Scotland Comes To A Vote

Should Scotland be an independent country?

The Freedom Referendum was passed by the Scottish parliament in 2013, then given Royal Assent, before it made it onto the ballot. (Yes, the government had to have the Queen’s permission to ask for independence: Royal Assent. Go figure.) Now, after months of debate, it’s finally coming to a national vote. 


 Depends on who you’re talking to. The Brits obviously are not thrilled with the idea: after all, they’ve been benefitting financially from Scottish resources since the 1300s, and before.  But the Scottish government generally seems to be promoting it.    (The infographics you see throughout this post come via Pinterest, thanks to them.)

     Others are suspicious. Is this really an entry into democracy…or a golden chance for XX political party to take power?  (Different names are inserted here, depending on the speaker’s viewpoint.)

     And, of course, there’s the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” diehards. They already know what life as part of the Union is like. Why ask for change? 


If you’re a Scot, it’s obvious. Scots might actually be able to primarily benefit from their country’s resources, instead of having them shoveled through England first. Your parliament would have a firsthand say on decisions of order. London would no longer be the starting point — Edinburgh would, instead. 

And if you have Scottish heritage (Husband and I both do), freedom to choose your own fate, however uncertain, is tempting. It’s why many Scots emigrated to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and, of course, the United States during the Highland Clearances — and afterwards. (It’s also why some died there.) An estimated 30 million people around the world now claim heritage with this small nation. That makes any kind of news connected with it important.

*Change means opportunity.  A change in leadership could give more work to Scottish companies — benefitting them, but you, as well, if you chose to invest in them.

*You’ll want to visit. That’s what Scottish entrepreneurs will be hoping, at least — that increased attention to their country will mean more tourists, plane fares, rental cars, hotels and meals. They should be offering better-priced package deals to encourage people to visit. If you have a bit o’ Scot in your cultural mix, this might well be the time to think about going there.

 *Others in the United Kingdom, including Wales and Northern Ireland, are watching…and thinking. Why couldn’t they sue for independence, too?

That’s not all the Scottish Freedom Referendum campaign could signal. Its outcome will not only have long-term effects in the United Kingdom…but in the EU (European Union), as well. And what affects Europe is going to impact the rest of the world.

We’ll know better after September 18.

‘S ann le Alba tha mo chridhe,agus tha e saor.*

William Wallace would agree.  


*”My heart belongs to Scotland – and it’s free.