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Time to Get Hoppin’ – 5 Super Fun Easter Activities

Time to Get Hoppin’ – 5 Super Fun Easter Activities

Ahh! The weather is starting to warm, gentle rains are bringing life back to the trees, and certain lilies are popping up… it must be time to start preparing for Easter! Every year at this time, families start hiding away bags of candies, cute little plushies, and the inevitable chocolate bunny. While colorful baskets stuffed to the brim are always a delightful highlight of Easter, they do not have to be the only highlight. Consider adding one (or more) of these activities to your Easter traditions.

Scavenger Hunt

Instead of leaving those Easter baskets out to be found in the morning, make the excitement of Easter morning last by creating a fun little scavenger hunt with the basket as the reward. It all starts with a card and the first clue wherever you normally would have put out the baskets. That clue leads to the next, then just keep adding new clues until you feel the hunt is right for your scavenger. Use plastic eggs to hide clues in, or even just sticky notes – there is no wrong way. 

How big your hunt area is or how long it takes to find the reward is entirely up to you – keep it on just one level of the house for younger children, or send older scavengers out into the yard, the neighborhood, or a local park, the ideas are truly limitless. Bonus Hint – tailor your hunt to each scavenger by using different colored eggs or sticky notes for each person.

Movie Marathon

Sometimes, the weather just does not cooperate with your best laid Easter plans, or maybe an illness keeps one of your family from joining in more active plans. This is when a more laid-back Easter activity is the way to go, and what is more laid back than gathering together as a family for a movie marathon? It’s true that there aren’t as many Easter-themed movies as for other holidays, but you don’t really need them. All you need is a few family favorites, maybe a much anticipated new release, and lots of popcorn! Cuddle up together in the comfiest place possible and let the time just slip away into perfect family memories.

Arts & Crafts

Nearly everyone has fond memories of coloring Easter eggs, it is such a standard project for Easter. But why stop there? There are so many ways to incorporate arts and crafts into your Easter traditions. Start simple – coloring pages that can easily be printed at home. Or perhaps you want something a little more involved, such as building blocks – create a house for the Easter Bunny! Maybe something a little more educational is your strength – use science and household items to create slime or kinetic sand and give it beautiful Easter colors.

Family Meal

Everybody has to eat, but who said it couldn’t be fun for the whole family? Plan a simple meal that the whole family can help out with. With younger kids, keep it simple – finger sandwiches, fruit slices, pasta salad, and pudding are all easy foods that even the little ones can help with in some way. Older children can be given more freedom, let them plan and prepare a meal with a little supervision and guidance. With nice weather, make it a picnic and have a lovely outing as a family. If the weather isn’t cooperating, have a picnic anyway, just do it in the living room!


Not everyone thinks about spring planting on Easter, but maybe they should! Playing in the dirt is fun at just about any age, and your family members will enjoy watching what they planted grow. It could be a few potted plants that are kept in a sunny window, a nice flower bed in the yard, or even a vegetable garden! If the family is really having fun, why not do all three? What could be more fun than making Easter memories last through spring and summer?

As you and your family age, it’s the little things that always seem to become the best memories. How many times have you been sitting around the table with a grandparent and heard the stories of this Christmas or that Thanksgiving? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have those stories for the beginning of the year as well? You can start making those stories now, with your children and family. Adding new traditions to any family holiday will create those memories for generations to come.