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Restructuring My Credit Card Debt During The Pandemic Changed My Life

The pandemic hit my pockets in ways I never imagined. I had a small savings of about $2,000 and three credit cards with decent balances that I could rely on for necessities and emergencies. Like many people, I assumed this wouldn’t last more than a month or two and that I’d be alright. Fast-forward a few months, and I had taken a pay cut, the bills were higher and past due, my savings were gone, and credit cards became my lifeline. 

I tightened up on spending unnecessarily, found a few odd and end gigs to make extra cash, and tried negotiating with bill collectors and creditors. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to get my growing credit card debt under control. I had no choice but to use the card to pay for necessities; however, I often made payments late or skipped them altogether. These terrible habits resulted in a ruined credit history. 

Finding A Solution

Knowing I wasn’t alone in this economic struggle, I researched what other people did to find financial relief. As it turns out, there were millions of people struggling with credit card debt. Some people downsized, cut back on spending, acquired second jobs, and used their stimulus checks to pay down their debts. Other people opted to try debt consolidation through agencies like Brice Capital. 

Debt Consolidation Seemed Promising

I was tired of struggling to pay for everyday essentials with a mound of debt on my shoulders. Honestly, if I didn’t have the credit card debt, I could use my own cash to survive the pandemic. So, I checked out BriceCaptial.com to learn more about debt consolidation and how it could benefit me during the pandemic. 

Essentially, debt consolidation is the restructuring of your outstanding credit card debt. You get a loan to cover your high-interest, high-balance credit cards. Although you’re still responsible for repaying the consolidation loan, it’s more convenient. The lower interest rates and low monthly payments save you money. Once the loan is applied to your accounts, you also get relief from collection calls. As you make timely payments on the consolidation loan from Brice Capital, you’ll also start to see improvements in your credit score. 

Life-Changing Results

After learning more about Brice Capital and debt consolidation loans, I decided to give them a call. The representative was able to help me restructure my debt into a loan with much less interest and an even more affordable monthly payment. Although it’s only been a few months since I got assistance from Brice Capital, the results have been life-changing. 

Peace of Mind – The first thing I noticed was the emotional relief I felt after getting approved for a loan. I no longer had to worry about how I was going to pay off my credit cards. I also saved so much money that I could cover my monthly expenses without going deeper into debt. There’s also the fact that the collection calls and unfavorable credit ratings stopped.

New Milestones – Restructuring my credit card debt created opportunities for me to reach new milestones. Instead of using my stimulus money or income tax refund to pay down debts, I was able to invest this money in other areas of my life. I started investing in cryptocurrency, surpassed my previous savings balance setting aside more than $3,000, and started paying down my student loans. Knowing that I’m a bit more stable for whatever the future holds is so satisfying. 

When the pandemic made it difficult for me to earn a decent living, I turned to credit cards to get by. Although I’m glad I had those cards to rely on in my time of need, it wasn’t long before I dug myself into financial trouble. Despite my best efforts, the growing credit card debt complicated other areas of my life. Fortunately, I found a financial agency like Brice Capital that understood my circumstances. The debt consolidation loan helped me restructure my debt to sustain a living, reach new milestones, and have peace of mind.