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How to Get in Shape on a Budget

How to Get in Shape on a Budget

If you’re looking to get in shape but don’t want to have a costly routine, it’s time to ditch the gym and embrace other ways of exercise to get a fit body.

The good news is that there are loads of ways to exercise without going to the gym. Here’s a list of the best things to try if you want to get in shape on a budget.

1. YouTube Workouts

Getting tailored fitness plans is often out of many people’s budgets, but the good news is that you can get access to hundreds of qualified personal trainers who offered their knowledge on YouTube.

From quick and powerful workouts that only take 10 minutes a day and target different areas such as those available on the very popular BeFIT channel to yoga classes for all levels of experience, you can exercise and stretch back for free in the comfort of your own home.

2. Embrace the outdoors

Two get in shape on a budget, turn off your binge-worthy TV show, get off of your couch and start exercising outside. This is a great way to get fit without spending a dime while also getting some fresh air, which is great for your health.

Walking and running are two things that you can do for free and get in shape. You can download a free fitness app such as Strava to help you track your progress and reach your goals.

3. Create a home gym on the cheap

The prices of equipment put off most people who think about creating a gym in their own home. However, it’s very easy to start a home gym without equipping it with a treadmill or expensive dumbbells.

All you need are a jump rope, some inexpensive resistance bands, and a yoga mat for stretching or Pilates. You don’t even have to buy kettlebells or dumbbells; instead, use your own body for bodyweight exercises or fill some bottles of different sizes with water and use them as weights.

4. Install a fitness app

Some of the best apps that can get you in shape in no time are free, with My Fitness Pal being one of them. Download a fitness app and start counting calories while also recording your weight loss progress and exercise. Fitness apps have helpful graft features that allow you to track your progress, and if you already have a FitBit or any other wearable device, you can connect it to track your steps and running as well.

5. Make use of free sports facilities

There are local sports facilities in many areas, ranging from tennis courts to fields for a kickabout with friends. Some universities offer free sports facilities, so if you’re a student, make sure you take advantage of them. In some areas, you can even enjoy free access to community pools.

As you can see, there’s nothing stopping you from getting fit, especially not money. All you need to get in shape is your own body, and there are lots of ways to be resourceful and get fit on a budget.