11 Creative and Affordable Ways to Spend Mother’s Day

11 Creative and Affordable Ways to Spend Mother’s Day

Mothers’ Day officially lands on May 9. Are you ready?

Do you need to get your mother something special other than the usual flowers, candy, and gift card to the local spa, and stick to your budget?

You’ve come to the right place for 11 Creative and Affordable Ways to Spend Mother’s Day.

  1. Local Park. A fun and truly inexpensive way to enjoy the warm weather and get out in the open with friends and family.
  2. Make a picnic for mom. Before your mom rises, go ahead, and prepare a full picnic basket filled with all her favorites – whether you buy or handmake them – and take her to her favorite spot to dine.
  3. Buffets. If you live in an area, neighborhood, or city that has restaurants, eateries, and others that are now open, buffets can be an affordable eating-out option. Take mom and the rest of the family to enjoy as much as they want.
  4. Make a barbecue at home. Whip up all the wonderful fixings, and side dishes before like salads, plates of pasta, etc. Invite everyone over for a family get-together and ire up the grill.
  5. Play old-fashioned games. Bring out the Monopoly board or play Charades or other board games to pass away a few hours, spend time with loved ones.
  6. Take a Sunday drive be it along the coast or to the mountains. Get mom and everyone else up early and take a nice drive. Stop for a bite to eat along the way.
  7. Plant some wonderful flowers at mom’s house that she can look at every day and every night, well after Mom’s Day. Let her pick out her favorites and do the job yourself or ask her if she wants to help.
  8. Rent mom-related movies and spend the day being a couple of lazy people at her house or yours.
  9. Go to the mall if your COVID-19 restrictions have lifted and let her pick out something at her favorite shop.
  10.  Head to the zoo and see all the animals, wildlife, and more. This is a great way to have fun and is often affordable. Mom will ‘ooh and aah’ and get in some exercise, too.
  11.  Buy mom a jigsaw puzzle at a local craft store and present it to her on Mom’s Day. Then tell her you want to work on it together, now, tomorrow, and into the future. This is a project everyone can do together.

Mom’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive – be creative and affordable and have some fun with your mother, she’s the best!

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