6 Must Haves for Your Remote Job Home Office

6 Must Haves for Your Remote Job Home Office

If you are working remotely, there are some home office essentials that you should own so that you can maximize productivity.  You want to have a landline phone specifically for work because it helps you separate your personal affairs from business ones.  You should also have a separate room in your home for remote work. This could be the basement, the guest bedroom, or even your garage.  It helps to post your working hours on the door so that your family knows when not to disturb you. Here are additional home office essentials for remote jobs.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Since you’ll spend most of your workday in a chair, it makes sense to purchase a high-quality ergonomic chair that supports your back and neck well.  A good ergonomic chair will be adjustable, and the backrest needs to be between 12 and 19 inches wide.  The ergonomic chair should have good lumbar support, and make sure that it is the right size for your body.  The chair’s padding should be firm yet still comfortable enough to sit on for hours.

A Good Desk Lamp

In order to see well while working, you need a good desk lamp.  You want a desk lamp that is adjustable and that is the right size for your desk.  If you have a small desk, pick out a clip-on lamp or one with a small space so that it won’t use up desk space.  Also, consider the types of bulbs for the lamp.  Halogen bulbs provide a bright light while incandescent bulbs offer a more yellowish light that would work well at night.  LED bulbs produce less energy and the light from them has no annoying glares. 

Standing Desks

If you want to reduce the health risks of sitting all day for work or if you want to take a break from your chair for a few hours, then you need a good standing desk.  Standing desks increase your productivity, reduce back and neck pain, and reduce the chances of excess weight gain from eating too many snacks out of the refrigerator while working.

Surge Protector

You want to purchase a surge protector if you have a computer and other devices in your home office. They’re inexpensive and can be bought from places such as the drugstore, office supply store, and electronics stores.

Backup Drive

A backup drive is essential for your home office because should something happen to your computer, you want to have access to your stored information.  One option would be to get a cloud-based backup service, but you can also get an external drive to store your data. 

Fax Machine and Copier

You know that you need a printer, but you can save yourself trips to FedEx or the post office by getting a fax machine and copier.  These machines are especially helpful if you have a home-based business that sells to customers, and when you communicate with suppliers or vendors.

In conclusion, these home office supplies and machines will make remote work more efficient and less stressful for you.

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