Here’s How To Conquer A Big Move With A Big Family

Making a move is already hard enough. Adding a big family with a few kids can make the process all the more stressful. Parents who decide to sell their house and move into a new space can come across a variety of issues during their transition if they don’t plan accordingly. 

Don’t fall into the trap of tackling a big move with a big family without coming up with a plan to safeguard against all of the things that go wrong—and trust us, many things can and will! Here are some ways to get you and your family ready for the major move. 

Get Organized

In the past, when it was just you or you and your partner, you could probably get away with throwing your belongings into moving boxes and calling it a day. If you have a big family though, you’re going to want to get organized. Some moving tips for organization include categorizing your belongings into specific rooms, making a list of everything that needs to be accounted for, and getting a head start on cleaning. 

One of the most useful yet troublesome organization methods is to rid yourself of belongings you no longer need. When you have kids, this can be much worse since you have the added factor of them not wanting to give up their items either. However, in the long run, if you can sell or donate all of the belongings that won’t serve a tangible use for you in the foreseeable future, your move and new living situation will be worlds better. 

Tackle Responsibilities

If you’re sticking in the same area, then you don’t have as many responsibilities to worry about as a family moving farther away. If you’re in the boat of moving farther away, make sure you have things like finding a new doctor and dentist, signing up for a new school, registering your car (new state), updating your drivers license, and notify banks and other companies of your change in address. Tackling these responsibilities before you move will help keep your stress on the lower end. Some moving tips and tricks for making sure responsibilities are accounted for is creating a spreadsheet with whatever you need to tackle and how important that responsibility is.

Keep the Kids Busy

Let’s be honest: if you’re bored of moving, your younger kids are certainly also going to be. During the moving process, like when you’re packing or even preparing your home for a showing, consider taking your kids to a babysitter. This will free up some time and energy for you to focus on making the move and not catering to your kids. Moving can be stressful enough, and having to make sure your children are entertained can make the process much more difficult.

If you have relatives or family friends who wouldn’t mind taking the kids on a day out, call them up and see if they’d be willing to help. Do your kids have buddies? See if their parents would be willing to host a playdate! Even a few hours that you can dedicate solely to moving will go a long way.

Because you have a larger family, you’re automatically going to need to put more effort into the moving process. However, the entire process doesn’t need to be excessively difficult, especially if you take the time to get your bearings in order!

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