The Weirdest Ways to Use Your Storage Unit

Self Storage facilities are on the rise across the UK: with families and businesses tightening their belts and downsizing, there’s a hunger for secure facilities to hold excess possessions, furniture and fittings. And in spare storage units all sorts of creative uses for these cheap, practical spaces are springing up.

Maybe looking at this run down of the some of the most unexpected ways people have put a storage unit to use will send you out to your local storage company today!

Work Out Space

Keeping fit is one of the most important things in life, especially as many people have sit down desk jobs that don’t stretch muscles or raise heart rates.

Rather than spending money on expensive gym subscriptions and classes, some people are building their own work out havens in storage facilities. One of medium size can hold all the equipment you need for a full workout, away from the prying eyes of other gym users.

Band Practice

If you’re in a band, one of the trickiest things is finding a place to rehearse. Competition is fierce for studio space, and other practice areas can be expensive or difficult to book. A storage unit might just offer a perfect solution.

If you’re able to split the cost between a few local bands and make sure there are no scheduling conflicts, a large storage unit will give you secure storage for instruments and equipment as well as a ‘no frills’ venue to practice in.

Make sure you speak to the storage facility before hiring! They’ll either need a relaxed attitude to noise or soundproofing, and letting them know your intentions first will help avoid arguments later.

An Office

If you’re running a small business you might find it helps concentration and productivity to have an office space away from your home. Talking to a storage company about renting a unit with a power supply could be the answer! It will provide an ideal capsule office for you and a small number of employees. This might not be the best look if you need to entertain clients, but for a small operation it’s a perfect and low cost solution.

If any of these have inspired you, and you want to look into self storage London has plenty of options to offer so you’ll be able to find exactly the space you need!

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