The “Guys” Your Company Needs

“I have a guy for that”, is a phrase that everyone likes to hear, and furthermore, likes to use. Having a “guy” that you use for certain services means that you have a trusted professional with whom you have an established relationship. It also means that you have faith in him or her to come up with a solution for the situation you are in.

Having a collection of “guys” for different services is something that will take time and effort to build, however, it’s totally worth it in the end. Want to start assembling your team? Here’s who you should be looking for:

Bookkeeper/Tax Guy

Though you should definitely not settle for just anyone, once you find someone who you trust and you like, keep your relationship with your books guy rock solid. Building a long lasting relationship with the same person means he or she will have a better understanding of your business, will be able to flag something if it’s out of the ordinary, and will be able to advise you on future moves based on the financial situation in your company. Having a good bookkeeper and tax man could mean thousands of dollars in savings!

Certified Translator

If you deal with international clients, suppliers, producers, or partners, it’s essential that you have a translator on speed dial. Certified and business document translation services with a quick turnaround are difficult to find but can be crucial to your business. Sometimes you’ll find that you need to move quickly, and having important communications or documents translated will be the edge that you need to dominate in your business space. From memos to important documents like licencing agreements or mergers, you need to be able to get these certified, high quality translations on the fly.

Tech Guy

Even if you consider yourself a low-key company when it comes to tech, there is no business today in North America that is run without some sort of technology, even if it’s a card reader that pops onto your cellphone or accounting software. The last thing you need when you’re about to close a deal or launch a new product online is for the entire system you have to crash. Having a tech guy that you can call with hardware and/or software issues at any time of the day is a lucky catch, so if you have one, hold him or her close!

A Legal Guy

This is a casual way to say “a lawyer”, but to be honest, you should have a close enough relationship with your lawyer to refer to him or her as “your legal guy”. Lawyers aren’t only key to your success if you are in a legal court case, but should be regularly giving you guidance and support along your corporate journey. If you are an entrepreneur, you might want to look for one that specializes in patents and intellectual property. This can protect your assets and the core of your company, ensuring that you get all the credit that you deserve.

If you are looking to become a real business person, you’ll need to have bookkeeping, translation, technology, and legal support in your back pocket at all time. Spend some time looking for the right “guys”, and you’ll have a golden team of professionals that will help your company thrive. Just remember, think twice before giving away your precious contacts to a stranger, or even to friends. Once they become a common place name, they might not have the same capacity for you anymore!

Treat these “guys” with the respect they deserve and you’ll never regret it!

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