Groupon Deals on Udemy Offer Great Education at a Great Price

Most people are familiar with the concept that great deals can be found at Groupon, but not everyone knows how extensive those deals can be. The deals on Groupon actually extend into educational opportunities, like discounts on the online learning platform Udemy.

What is Udemy?

Udemy is essentially a forum where people can visit to extend their learning on any topic. The courses offered aren’t the type that provides college credit. Although some of the courses can qualify as credit toward technical certification depending on the skill type. Instead, they offer the knowledge necessary to put a new skill on a resume. Or they simply offer a way to explore a new interest without going back to school.

The instructors that use Udemy are free to create the type of classes that they want to offer. They might utilize a variety of formats for sharing information, such as PDF’s, videos, power point presentations, online forums. Some even offer live classes that students can join from their home computers. There are a wide variety of courses offered on topics such as health and fitness, music, technology, entrepreneurship, etc.

Groupon Deals for Udemy

Of course, like most classes in the world, there are costs involved with taking classes at Udemy. But that’s where Groupon comes in to help, offering discounts, promo codes, and even pointing people in the direction of free class that the Udemy offers.

One promo code available on Groupon is good for $10 off any one class. Courses on the Udemy platform generally range between $5 and $200 depending on the class, so that’s a pretty good deal. They also offer coupons for free classes that are on Udemy. Those include photoshop classes, a Google analytics class, a how to make games on an iPhone class, and a free HTML and CSS class.

Other coupons on Groupon are a little more cost specific, such as an offer for 89 percent off certain classes or 40 percent off your entire shopping cart total. They are currently running deals for 50 percent of WordPress classes, and 89 percent off classes about Adobe.

Those kinds of classes can be invaluable, especially for anyone that is working with any type of digital content. (Which is most of us these days.) Sometimes taking a course can be a great thing to add to a resume when you’re seeking new work. Other times just having a new knowledge can boost your confidence on the job hunt since you’ll be certain that you’re qualified. Learning new skills might even make you eligible for a promotion or a title change at your current place of work. Whatever it ends up doing for your career it’s likely that taking a new course will change the way that you look at things. Learning is always a good thing, and Udemy makes it easier than ever before.

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