Choosing the Right Platform for Online Trading

Online trading is an option that more and more amateur traders are looking to take advantage of as. From former professional traders who want to keep a hand in the industry as they move into retirement to hobby traders looking to generate some extra wealth, online trading makes investment on the stock and forex markets accessible to all. Long gone are the days when the financial markets were reachable only through brokers and financial advisors. Today people across the world can take command of their own financial futures by going it alone.

Of course this is not to say that the inexperienced should start making big trades in Forex simply because they can. Anybody who thinks it’s easy to do just because it is now more accessible can easily find their available funds quickly diminishing. What is true, however, is that thanks to the plethora of online share trading platforms, there has never been a better time for those with some financial know-how to cut out the middle man and stand a chance to make some significant sums of money.

One problem that does need navigating in this climate is how to choose the best platform for your particular needs when there are so many different companies offering high-levels of service. Some of the key things to consider when deciding which platform is the best for you should be the following:


You want a high-end platform but you don’t want to have pay the earth to use it. Unfortunately fees are a fact of life and all brokers will charge you a fee for every buy or sell transaction. When you are making bigger trades the fee involved will usually be a percentage of the transaction. Some platforms will also charge annual and/or monthly fees. This is fine, but only if you are actually using all of the features that you are paying for.

Trading Options

There is little point paying for a platform if it doesn’t give you access to the market that you want to be trading in most often. If you’re interested in spread betting, do some research on which platforms are the best for this. Then think more specifically about the markets you are looking to trade in. Forex is a very popular market and some platforms offer better services on this than others.

Ease of Use

If you are a relative newcomer to online trading, you definitely want to start out with a platform that offers excellent ease of use. When you are investing your hard earned money, the last thing you want is to make mistakes on your trades because you don’t know how to use the platform properly.

Access to knowledge

The best trading platforms arm you with the best tools. In trading it is your ability to learn and understand the market that will see you coming out on top more often than not. In order to do this you need help. Daily market reports, buy and sell recommendations, and company financial reports and news, are all things you should be looking for your platform to offer you.

The above are just some of the key points to think about when you start to use an online trading platform. You should also ask yourself how serious you are about getting involved in trading. Is this going to be something you go into a little bit like a hobby, or are you intent on making a real fist of this? There are many options out there for all investors, so just make sure you take your time and choose the right one for you.

First-timers are also strongly recommended to use demo programmes at the outset. This might make you a little bit frustrated if you turn out to be quite good at it and aren’t able to cash in any real money, but you’ll most likely be more thankful for the many times you make a mistake and aren’t hit in the pocket for it as you learn the ropes.

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