Using your iPhone to its Full Potential

I recently purchased the 64 G Apple iPhone 6s.  I love the size, weight and pink color I picked out when shopping for it at my local Apple store.  This is my seventh Apple device purchase in my lifetime after two other iPhone’s, one iPad Air, two iPod’s, and a MacBook and I thought I knew most of the tips and tricks out there, but I was wrong.

A great new feature in the iPhone 6s is the Wi-Fi assist.  It is great when you’re signal isn’t working well or if you are on a limited data plan.  I also love the low power mode option the 6s offers.  In the past I would turn my phone on airplane mode to save batter life, but with the new low power mode I can extend a full changed phone for a few extra hours and still receive text messages unlike airplane mode.

One of the best features I figured out on my new iPhone was that the swipe down from the main screen had improved to include many more options.  To me it used to be such a nuisance when I was working, or reading emails, and searching for apps because I never realized it had more to offer me than just the stock updates.  You can have the swipe down feature on your home screen include a multiple updates based on the apps you have downloaded onto your device.  Previously my swipe down info included stocks and the weather, neither of which were of interest to me.  After looking into this section I have updated this it to include, Dropbox updates, ESPN scores, IMDb Born Today feature, Amazon Deals of the day, Traffic Conditions, Reminders, Buzz Feed, MyFitnessPal, and iHeartRadio recently play songs.  I love seeing the trending articles on Buzz Feed without having to open the app, and seeing the traffic conditions at any time of the day from work to home. Amazon Deals of the day are at my fingertips now that I have updated and customized this feature.

You can now shop for a home via your iPhone and the plethora of apps available. Not to mention, companies are eliminating the middle man and allowing you to even get pre-approved and qualified for a mortgage online and via a phone app. Eventually you might even be able to learn how to refinance a title loan on your iPhone as well. At the exponential growth rate of apps becoming available, especially for the iPhone, in a just a few years we will have an app that for everything in our lives

Using your iPhone to its full potential is something we all need to do.  It does take some time to research, read and watch videos to understand what apps and features will help improve your life the most.  I suggest setting a personal goal each week to download one new app for your lifestyle and explore all the possibilities.

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