Side Jobs that Everyone Should Try

Do you tend to have too much month at the end of your money? Been thinking about getting a second job to supplement your income? Before you start applying at McDonalds, have a look through this article – we will discuss side jobs that are relatively easy to do and that can have a good payday. These are jobs that everyone should at least consider trying.


Are you an expert in a particular field? Maybe you are a Math whizz or really good at English. Is there any way that you can offer your services as a tutor? You can put an advert in the local paper, on social media or even consider looking for an online tutoring job. With things like Skype, you do not need to be tied down to one location.

Alternatively, what about making a step by step video of how to do something? You can then post it to YouTube. Now YouTube is not a quick way to make money – you have to get a certain number of views before they start showing ads on your video but if you can do a few great videos and get a nice following, you will be able to make money that way. Best of all, once the video is done, it could potentially be an earner for years to come. (They will be working for you while you sleep and that is a great thing, because you can only do so much in one day.)


If you are half-way decent at crafting a sentence in English, you can turn your skills towards writing. There are several companies out there looking for web content, press releases, articles, e-books, etc. You can start out by looking online at an intermediary site like to see what content people are looking for.

Otherwise you could create content for yourself and publish it online through a blog. It should be noted that blogs are not a get rich quick scheme at all – you may not even earn money for months and it is something that you have to work at. That said, if you find the right niche and can attract a good following, there is money to be made. What is nice about blogging for yourself is that, like YouTube, you will continue to make money after publishing the blog with very little extra work on your part.

Server or Bar-Tender

This can be a really good way to earn extra money – the salaries are not great but the tips can be. The work hours are also usually flexible so you can fit it in with your current work schedule. Try to pick up shifts in the evening or over the weekends as these are usually the busier times.


Here we are talking about playing poker or black jack and being smart about it. If you know what you are doing, you could make some nice extra income here. You do need to be quite disciplined though – set aside money to gamble with and use only that money or money that you have earned. You need to be able to set aside your emotions so that you are not caught up in the moment.

Making Money with a Hobby

Do you have a hobby that you enjoy doing? Is it something that other people are willing to pay for? If so, why not see if you can sell your creations? There is a dual advantage here – you get to make money for doing something that you love doing – at worst you’ll earn money to buy more supplies.

Generally speaking, food businesses do well but do check that you meet the requirements laid out in terms of your state. Alternatively, look for something that you do better than anyone else out there and focus on that.

Be a Driver

Whether you sign up to be a driver for a service like Uber or run your own side-business as a driver, you can stand to make some decent cash. You do, however, need to update your insurance as a business driver and look at increasing your personal liability insurance.

Use these ideas as a creative starting point – which can you enact? Can you perhaps tweak one of the above ideas to work for you?

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