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Warrior Trading Review

As far as day trading education sites go, Warrior Trading is one of the best. It has dedicated owners and moderators that know how to teach you the ins and outs of day trading. They are courteous, knowledgeable and ready to get your one your way to making your first million.

Warrior Trading reviews are a dime a dozen, but this one will break down exactly how these guys will help you understand following stocks throughout the day, the mechanics of trading and the etiquette of the trading chat room.

Warrior Trading will teach you how to trade. Warrior Trading will teach you how to day trade and swing trade. Swing trading is somewhat similar to day trading, in that it is a speculative position you hold in an asset or stock, but you tend to hold it for several days, instead of just the one. The boys at Warrior Trading, Ross Cameron and his moderators, Jeff, Mike and Ed, will offer you tons of day trading strategies that will take your returns to the next level.

Ross trades very quickly and will call out his trades live over an audio feed during the morning. His trades are quick. He is looking to jump on momentum and get out quickly with some profit. Two moderators, Mike and Ed, focus on slower moving trades, while Jeff, the swing trader, looks at stocks in the framework of day-to-day. With all the different strategies on display, it gives a paying participant lots of material to work with and learn from.

The community of traders that you find on Warrior Trading is excellent for a number of reasons. I can see what other traders are doing so I don’t miss any hot stocks that are big movers for the day. And being in the company of other traders takes away some of the isolation of sitting in front of a monitor, staring at tickers and charts all day.

The best part about Warrior Trading is that you know it is 100% legit. Ross provides broker statements to back up his gains. The transparency is a welcome break from other day trading education sites that don’t verify what they say they do.

When the market closes at 4 pm, the instructors open up another chat room where they interact with day trading course students. Twice a week, they host mentor sessions, which are basically office hours. You can basically ask questions about trades or positions you have taken or follow up on items from the classes, which are all streaming on Vimeo.

To sum it up, Warrior Trading is an excellent service with great information for new or inexperienced day traders. The returns the Warrior Traders make are verifiable, so you can be sure you are learning from actual, profitable day traders. Take the plunge and find out for yourself how Warrior Trading can help you build the bank account of your dreams.