Restaurant Menus Are Evolving With The Season

Summer is ending and so is the season of rooftop bars, outdoor dining, and mimosas in the sunshine, but the advent of colder weather doesn’t mean all hope is lost; in fact it is quite the opposite. The restaurant world, much like the weather, is constantly evolving and so should your menu!

As autumn approaches, so does the season of pumpkin everything. Almost every vendor in the food industry sponsors pumpkin spiced drinks or food items, and most people eagerly await their arrival. Transitioning from lighter summer flavors to richly spiced fall dishes is essential for warming your customers as they come in from the crisp outdoors.

For breakfast, offering pumpkin spiced french toast stuffed with cream cheese covered in real Vermont maple syrup is a great way to celebrate the autumn cheer. Apple cinnamon pancakes coated in caramelized butter is another fantastic fall dish. For lunch and dinner options, pumpkin soup topped with pecans, butternut squash and apple soup, or roasted cauliflower soup work wonderfully as appetizers. Main meals, such as beef stews, slowly broiled chicken, turkey and mashed potatoes, and hearty salads topped with cranberries and roasted walnuts are superb additions as well. As for desserts, the options are endless, ranging from pumpkin flavored cookies, cakes, milkshakes, pies, and custards, you will be able to satisfy everyone’s autumn sweettooth. Add pumpkin spiced beers to the tap and warm apple cider, and you’ll be set for the seasonal transition.

As you spice up your menu, also consider adding fall decorations to your restaurant. The combination of an autumn menu with fall decorations will make your customers feel at home and they will leave your restaurant happily satisfied and eager to come back for more!

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