Accidents and finances – how to make a claim

We’re all pinching pennies in most parts of our lives. Cut a few quid off your electricity bill, make your weekly shop go further and hold back on those pricey nights out – but what about when your entire wage is suddenly snatched from you?

It’s a situation people suffer all the time – usually when they least expect it.

Slips, trips, falls, thrills and spills are all waiting to leap out at you when you least expect it. Even in the most benign offices, something as simple as tripping over an electrical cable could put you out of commission for months.

And although government help will be available, your wages may fall to a basic rate, or stop entirely if you lose your job.

So what’s the next step to keep your finances on track? It’s time to pick up the phone to a personal injury claims expert.

You’ve probably seen those dodgy claims ads on the telly. “Have YOU had an accident in the workplace?” cries a dapper looking gent as he points an accusatory finger out of the television screen. But they’re more than glitzy commercials – these guys and girls could help you put dodgy employers bang to rights.

Just imagine a legal system where bosses of unsafe workplaces aren’t held to account. Exploitative employers would shirk safety regulations like they were mere advice.

But those cigar-chomping villains of the working world can’t get away with aging equipment and overworked employees – not with claims lawyers on the case.

What you have to do

Provided you’ve chosen the right representation, it’s not as complicated a process as you might think. For starters, all you have to do is pick up the phone.

With a quick chat on the blower, your lawyer will figure out if your claim has a leg to stand on in the courts. If they’re feeling positive, they’ll happily take on your case.

Once the introductions are out of the way, it’s time to make like Sherlock and gather some evidence. When you’re building a case, think of evidence as the foundation for every other element to rest on.

CCTV footage, witness testimonies, police and doctor’s reports – they could all prove vital to your case. Even the smallest piece of evidence could act as the linchpin for your argument, so be thorough and help your lawyer at every juncture.

If your representation’s legal wrangling outside of court doesn’t succeed, it’s time to head to the place of gavels and wigs.

While it’s an undeniably stressful situation, put your trust in your lawyer and you should be fine. Who knows what pay-out you might receive?

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