8 Responses to 10 Reasons You Should Have (And Use) A Bank Account

  1. I agree with all this and the last one is important, that it gives you the edge on getting good rates and services when you need them later. I have a credit union account that I didn’t use but still kept open just because we knew we might need it, and sure enough, when it came time to set up a health savings account, they were the only place we found that offered what we wanted without crazy monthly fees. Had we not had our account still open, it would not have been available to us.

  2. These are all great reasons to have a bank account. I worked at a bank for about a year soon after college and it was just crazy how many people did not have accounts. Some of them were for legitimate reasons, like they had been bouncing checks or check kiting, but a lot of them simply did not have bank accounts.

  3. If you have a bank account, and I agree you should, you should seriously consider having that account at a credit union. Don’t put up with potential fees of the big banks.

  4. Can I say amen to that? Amen! A lot don’t appreciate the importance of bank accounts despite of its benefits and convenience that it provides. I think it gives you more control of your money.

  5. Wow 70 million! That’s an insane number. I think bank accounts are a great way of centralizing all your cash so that you have 1 easy to read and accessible number.

  6. It’s hard to believe that there are people out there without a bank account. Where to they stash their money? In their mattress?! I would think it’s a huge pain cashing checks, paying rent/mortgage, or any kind of bill for that matter.

  7. Having a bank account has streamlined so many operations in our daily lives that not having one is incredibly inefficient. I completely agree with this article, Cindy.

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