Superbowl Blog Roundup

Are you looking forward to the Superbowl? I haven’t seen a football game all season long, but Superbowl should be a lot of fun. Anyway, I’m rooting for the 49ers. Hopefully it won’t be a blowout so we’ll keep watching until the end.

Here are 10 great posts for you to read during Superbowl Sunday. Enjoy!

The Proper Asset Allocation Of Stocks And Bonds By Age @ Financial Samurai

How To Move Away From Mutual Funds and Open an Online Broker Account @ The Dividend Guy

5 Easy Ways to Save Money Lost Due to the Payroll Tax Increase @ Frugal Rules

Saving for Japanese School Update #1 @ Mom’s Plans

Saving To Rebuild Our Emergency Fund @ Plunged In Debt

The Entrepreneur Inside @ See Debt Run

7 Little Downsides Of Being An Entrepreneur @ Retire By 40

Research Purchases With Product Reviews @ So You Think You Can Save

Top Spring Break Destinations @ The Frugal Toad

7 Ways to Fight Childhood Obesity @ Weight Chronicle

The following Carnivals included Midlife Finance. Thank you!

Yakezie Carnival @ The Amateur Financier

Lifestyle Carnival @ Free At 33

Financial Carnival @ 20’s Finance

Yakezie Carnival @ Narrow Bridge Finance

Carnival of Retirement @ Master the Art of Saving

Carnival of Money Reasons @ The Ultimate Juggle

Carnival of Retirement @ Work Save Live

Lifestyle Carnival @ Blue Collar Workman

Yakezie Carnival @ Faithful with a Few

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