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Welcome to Midlife Finance

For many of us, the midlife is a critical stage of our financial journey.

Midlife is our peak earning years, but we also have many more challenges to face.

Here are just some of the common challenges we all go through at some point.

  1. Housing – mortgage payment, refinance, and maintenance expense
  2. Transportation – multiple car payments and the rising cost of gasoline
  3. Kids – education and their insatiable appetite for costly junks.
  4. Parents – many of our parents are getting older and need more physical and/or financial assistance.
  5. Debts – unwise spending in earlier years saddle many of us with consumer debt.
  6. Retirement saving – retirement is getting closer now that we are a bit older.
  7. Health – chronic condition mean 65% of Americans age 45 to 64 are taking regular prescription. It will only get worse so we need to try our best to stay healthy and minimize health care expense.
  8. Extra income – rental properties, dividend stocks, and many other investments are needed to boost our income.

These are just a few of the topics that we will be writing about. Many families are having a difficult time during this protracted downturn, but we all need to keep working on it to improve our finances. Midlife is a challenge, but it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it.