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Most Satisfying Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss on a Budget

When you normally think of snacks, you might think of them being full of sugar and calories, all of which you are probably banned from having in order to maintain a healthy number on the scales. A good news for you is that not all snacks are unhealthy. In fact, some can even help you lose weight. These miraculous super-snacks are not too expensive either!

1. Organic Popcorn Kernels

You will find that snacking on organic popcorn can be fulfilling and healthy at a mere cost. Popping only 2 tablespoons of organic popcorn kernels will cost you near about $0.20.

One of the most effective ways you can eat away your pounds is by snacking on organic popcorn. This is because organic popcorn contains polyphenols. Polyphenols act as antioxidants and play a key role in reducing weight. According to the Gene Smart Team of nutritionist writers, polyphenols can help boost your metabolic rate and maximize your energy expenditure. Kelsey Marksteiner, RD. who is a staff nutritionist had mentioned that metabolic rates increase significantly as polyphenols have been discovered to increase good gut bacteria. According to Marksteiner, good bacteria and polyphenols have a 2 way relationship where the good gut bacteria also metabolizes the polyphenols into bioactive metabolites. Dr. Paresh Dandona who is a specialist of diabetes from New York found vital contributions by metabolites in battling obesity and metabolic syndromes.

There are several compelling pieces of scientific evidence showing a whopping concentration of polyphenols in organic popcorn. A Ph.D. nutritionist and researcher in the field of healthy foods and nutrition, Joe Vinson reported that polyphenols are abundant in popcorn the most. He explained that the composition of water is only 4% in popcorn in opposition to the other polyphenol containing foods like fruits, chocolates and nuts. To be specific, there is a dilution of approximately 90% in fruits containing polyphenols. A serving of organic popcorn has been found to contain 300mg of polyphenols according to Vinson in contrast to 160mg for a serving of fruit and 114mg in each serving of sweet corns.

2. Organic String Cheese and Cottage Cheese

Another miracle food to satisfy your hunger and contribute to calorie shedding without straining your budget is cheese. Horizon Organic String Cheese will cost you only $0.25 per stick.

Did you know that cheesy snacks can help you lose weight because of their nutritional compositions? They are rich in protein and calcium both of which can aid in boosting your metabolism. Several research findings indicate that a high concentration of calcium in organic string cheese can melt away fat with its thermic property.

The thermic effect from noshing on string cheese refers to the greater burn of calories relative to your daily calorie intake. A student and researcher, Hang Shi supervised by the Director, Michael Zemel, Ph.D. both from the Nutrition Institute of Knoxville’s University of Tennessee found convincing evidence of the thermic effect on weight loss. The findings from past research conducted by this institution originally displayed that calcium rich foods help cut down calories. In addition to this, the latest discovery proves that calcium rich, low-fat dairy products like cheese cut down the most calories. The investigation on mice showed 69% loss of body fat along with the increase in core body temperature (increase in thermogenesis).

3. Natural Nut Butters

Nut butter is another cost effective food you can munch on as a snack to tame your growling stomach and lose weight at the same time. Justin’s Natural Butters Squeeze Packs will cost you around $0.59 for every pack.

Scientific evidence published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism indicates that almond consisting meals have the ability to stabilize your blood sugar levels. If you snack on almonds or almond butter, you will be able to retain a high amount of energy for long hours while keeping your hunger under control.

The author of The Small Change Diet and nutrition expert, Keri Gans strongly recommends almond butter. The reasons for this was mentioned to be that each serving of almond butter is rich in protein and fiber while containing the least amount of calories. She believes that it provides true value at an affordable price.

These are 3 of the best healthy snacks for dieters to lose weight fast and keep you satisfied throughout the day. Snacking on healthy snacks is one of the many healthy habits you can develop to help you remain fit, thrifty and happy in life.