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The digital currency bitcoin is becoming more and more accepted and well known. Many online businesses accept bitcoin as payment. The growth in popularity and exposure is causing many major businesses to jump on board with this currency.


The first type of business that most would think of when it comes to accepting online currency, specifically bitcoin, are gaming sites. Online Casinos, Betting sites and basic entertainment games are accepting bitcoin as payment, like Bitcoin bonus codes. This is the first industry to become accepting of this new form of payment. One of the major gaming giants, Microsoft is on board with the trend. Their xbox system uses this form of currency as an option.


Another industry that is starting to hop on this trend are retail sites. Websites like are currently accepting bitcoin. The website has a handful of vendors who are not using it as a form of payment. It is even hitting food chains such as Subway the famous sandwich shop. Looking for love? The online dating site OK Cupid will allow you to pay with bitcoin.

Online Banking

The Square payment service is allowing vendors to use Bitcoin as payment. This is huge because a lot of businesses use this service on site with ipads or phones. is a site that helps you with your finances and making financial decisions by keeping track of your business accounts and investments. It is now using bitcoin.

Transportation and Travel

Another industry that is taking this currency by storm is the transportation and travel industries. The state of the art automaker Tesla is now using bitcoin as currency. Also, such travel site giants like and are using bitcoin. Virgin Galactica, the company behind space travel for everyday travelers is also getting on board.

It looks like the idea behind this online currency is catching on and gaining more and more exposure and value. Though this is true, there are also many risks involved that have many concerned. Be sure to do your research to see what works best for you before investing.

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